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  • 45
  • 170°
    Swell Window
  • 14 - 22°C
    Water Temp
  • 160km
    From Auckland
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Raglan New Zealand Surfing

The West Coast of the North Island, including the Taranaki coast south of Raglan boasts over 50 world class reef and point breaks. However, many of the waves around this area are located on private farmland, making it essential to have a surf guide to gain access and navigate through the maze of paddocks and back roads.

Raglan New Zealand Surfing breaks on the North Island are New Zealand surfing’s most famous surfing spots. Consisting of three left hand points, peeling mechanically over volcanic reefs and boulders for hundreds of metres. Raglan is consistently surfable in a variety of conditions. The three different points mean a range of options for all levels of surfing ability.