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  • 6
  • 90°
    Swell Window
  • 14 - 22°C
    Water Temp
  • 45km
    From Auckland
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Auckland New Zealand Surfing

New Zealand Surfing Adventures are based at Piha Beach, one of Auckland New Zealand Surfing‘s best beaches. South Piha has a quality left hand bar break which can be very hollow and has long workable walls. North Piha’s river mouth can produce quality sandbanks with long rippable walls and inside barrel sections, while caves at the far north of the beach offer tubing peaks.

If you are in Auckland, New Zealand for a short time and wish to maximise your chances of surfing then you should make a trip to Piha Beach. It’s a beautiful rugged coastline that offers consistent quality and often very hollow beach breaks. Piha’s black sand beach is set amongst rugged cliffs and dense bush valleys resulting in an inspiring and magical backdrop in which to surf.

Located 45 minutes from central Auckland we offer our own accommodation at Piha Beach, where you can walk down to enjoy the waves.