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East Coast

  • 90
  • 320°
    Swell Window
  • 14 - 21°C
    Water Temp
  • 480km
    From Auckland
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East Coast New Zealand Surfing

While not as famous as the long left hand point breaks of Raglan, East Coast New Zealand Surfing’s reputation for its consistence, copping the full brunt of southerly, easterly and northerly swells make it a top destination. Due to its remote location and relaxed atmosphere there is the opportunity to score pumping uncrowded waves with just your own crew.

Gisborne is home to high quality, powerful, hollow barrelling beach breaks, comparable to France and Mexico. Gisborne is a great launching point for exploring. It is the gateway to both the isolated East Cape and the fabled Mahia Peninsula. These areas are extremely remote and a wrong turn could result in a fruitless drive on long winding dirt roads and possibly meeting unwelcoming landowners. A local New Zealand surf guide is essential to access these world class reefs, river mouths and points.