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Summer 2K18

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Summer 2K18

Hi All.

Tama here. I hope everyone is safe and well.

Wow, what a summer we are having in New Zealand!

We have been swamped with swells that seem to never stop. The west coast has been constantly thumped by deep southwest swells sweetly groomed by easterly winds.

To be honest, our tours have only ventured to the East coast a couple of times this hot season.

Speaking of HOT. New Zealand has just broken a long standing record. January 2018 has been the hottest month since the early 1900’s!

But, most of our landscape has remained green as we got enough rain to keep the farmers happy.

Unfortunately, this means that popular beaches have become even more popular.

This is where our ability to be completely mobile and not trapped in one spot like a surf camp comes in handy.

From scanning the golden sands of 90 mile beach on the west to searching the multiple hidden bays on the east, and thats just the far north!

Every now and then, we get a request to stay at our surf camp.

Except, we don’t have a surf camp just yet, But we are working on it.(watch this space)

Instead, we bring our clients to our home base region of Taranaki and work in with our sister business, Nau Mai New Plymouth Tours. The experts of New Plymouth City and the region of Taranaki.

Here, we can pin point the perfect waves on Surf Highway 45 in a heartbeat. Meaning more waves for you.

Email us to custom design your own exclusive tour of New Zealand. If your spouse wants to come along but doesn’t surf, ask me about our surf widows special


Yours Truly,